Benefits of Body Massage

Massage is one of the oldest techniques of therapy. Originally probably from China, it has been used and developed by various civilizations throughout history: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Japanese are just a few of the peoples who savored this wonder of the world before it even reached the salons and spas of today.

In fact, rubbing a part of the body to promote well-being and protecting it against injury and infection is so old that there are records about its use dating back to approximately 300 BC.

But which are the benefits of massage?

With the tribulations of day to day, the body is getting tense and tired.

The use of massage, also called massotherapy, helps relieve tension and pain in the body. But it has been used, over time, by the multiple benefits it offers us.

Some of them:

Relieves emotional stress and relaxes muscles;
Reduces heart rate;
Improves blood circulation, skin elasticity and immune system;
Relieves headaches;
Reduces inflammation and improves healing of bruises;
Stimulates and balances the intestinal system;
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste;
Decreases insomnia;
Provides greater elasticity to the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

As you can see, the benefits of massage are many. However, knowledge of the technique is essential to obtain good results. Therefore, it should be sought to carry out the therapy with a professional that has the domain of the accomplishment of the treatment.

Knowing some types of massage

That the massage promotes relief and well-being, we already know – and I even told you in this post. But it is important to mention that there are massages aimed at the most diverse purposes: relaxation, reduction of measurement, relief of pain, postural correction, among others.

There are many types of massages that can bring us pleasures or relief, and the key is to have a diagnosis made by a professional to perform the correct technique for each problem.

Even though the stimulation of some area of ??the body without proper precaution – and need – can cause the reverse effect and bring pain and more problems, rather than curing them.

Check out some of the massages that are successful today – and hope that the massage therapists your friends have indicated will have a schedule for you next Saturday!


Of Chinese origin, it helps to balance the points of the meridians that are channels of energy that run through the whole body. The use of the fingers, thumbs and also the palms helps in relaxation, relief of pain and treatment of diseases.

Shiatsu is well suited for menstrual cramps, bowel, headache and migraine.


Ayurvedic massage is vigorous and stimulates muscles and circulation, helping to release toxins trapped in them and tissues. With the use of technique, coming from India, the therapist uses hands, elbows and feet to do the postural realignment. This massage promotes stress relief, strengthens the immune system and has anti-stress and antidepressant effect.

Lymphatic drainage

It is a body therapy technique that improves the circulation of lymph and is now one of the most known in the aesthetic treatment. Circular or straight movements are performed in order to activate the blood circulation, unclogging and activating the lymph nodes.

Helps in eliminating fluid retention and cellulite treatment, in addition to increasing the body’s defense.


It is made with quick movements, in order to reduce measures and sculpt the body. Combined with the use of dermocosmetics, it helps eliminate localized fat, improves sagging and reduces cellulite.

The use of massage oil creams

The use of creams and oils in the massages is not for nothing: besides helping in the slip of the hands on the body, avoiding the friction that can cause discomfort, the dermo-cosmetics potentiate the massage performed through its active principles.

Essential oil is used to relieve aches and pains. They are not medicinal, but contain in their formula properties of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Each plant has a distinct characteristic for a given treatment.

The active principles of dermocosmetics are responsible for the effects that the product causes on the skin and should be chosen according to the purpose of the massage. For example, Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that ensures a calming and regenerative action, while caffeine activates circulation and improves skin texture, thus helping the treatment of cellulite.

What we see is a variety of therapeutic treatments, with oils, creams and dermocosméticos of personalized indication for each type of nuisance that makes someone want a good massage.

The most advisable is to seek a professional for an evaluation in order to propose the most appropriate therapeutic resource for your case.

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Full Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi by Female to Male

Give yourself a moment of well-being adapted to your needs, enjoy a body to body massage in kailash colony delhi of 45 or 65 minutes at the wellness spa & beauty massage center!


The benefits of massage have reached our days evolving from the simplest techniques to provide relaxation and promote sleep, to the specific development of some more complex to alleviate or eliminate specific ailments of the body or organism.

Take this opportunity to enjoy a 45 or 65 minute massage to choose according to your needs.

You can choose between:

  • Relaxing massage: if you have tensions, muscle aches, nerves or need to relax, this is your massage.
  • Circulatory massage: if your legs hurt, you retain fluid or get tired when walking, enjoy a leg massage. Suppresses fatigue, reduces varicose veins and reactivates circulation.
  • Body to body massage: in addition to providing a moment of comfort and relaxation for the body, help to release endorphins, hormones that act as natural antidepressants of the body and generate positive emotions of well-being while helping to combat pain.

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Erotic Massage

Massages are not just for relaxing or getting rid of contractures. There is a type of massage, sensual & erotic massage, which in addition to bringing some innovation to life as a couple, is very rewarding. These massages are characterized by their objective of stimulating the whole body and slowly heating the environment.

If you want to surprise your partner with an erotic massage, the first thing you should do is look for the right place. Your bedroom can be a good option, but you can also look for other options. It would be ideal for the bed to be a bit high, so who gives the massage prevents headaches. If not, you can also massage the floor on a rug. If you want to use the floor, make sure it is not cold and comfortable (maybe you can put some pillows).

You should also look for a massage product. There are people who use body moisturizers, but there are special oils for massaging. And some even have heat effect! Of course, put a towel over the place where you do the massage so you do not stain it. A trick: Be generous when applying the product. Nothing happens if the cream or oil is not completely absorbed. In fact, it is more pleasant for those who receive the massage to notice how your hands slip through your skin.

Once we have these two elements, we go to the most practical part. To increase the excitement of your partner, you can cover your eyes with a mask or a scarf, so you will be more expectant. You can put suggestive music (in Spotify there are many ideal playlist to make erotic massages), some candles and … start to pamper your body.

When you massage, your movements must be gentle. Do not hurry: start your back. Close the neck, buttocks, legs, feet … All with a lot of calm. Then, you can ask him to get up and follow his chest. My advice is to leave the genitals at the end, because it is what your partner is waiting for and what makes them even more exquisite. Once you reach this desired area, let yourself be carried away by the reactions of your partner. It’s best to keep a gentle and calm rhythm, but you can let your imagination flutter. Think about how much more orgasm is desired, the more we feel when it arrives!

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